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Your team just left our condo and we are very pleased with the results. My wife and I both come from highly professional backgrounds and we know a professional team when we see you.  Yours, including you, is definitely professional. Many thanks.
                                                                                                                                ~Alan & Dale 3/31/2014
My windows are SUPER clean, shiny and Charles (hope that's right)did a FABULOUS job! THANKS! 

                                                                                                                 ~Heather  3/20/2014
It was absolutely outstanding. They called me ahead of time to let me know when they would be here, which I appreciated. They 
arrived when they said they would. They were professional and went immediately to work. They were courteous and did an 
outstanding job on my windows. They even pointed out some clouding on my double pane windows. I had noticed it before, and 
they were able to help me locate the manufacturer so I could try and get this corrected. They were all around professional, 
efficient, and helpful and did an outstanding job.
                                                                                                                ~ Bill 3/12/2014 (Straight A's on Angie's List & Customer Survey)
They came out to provide an estimate and I didn’t have to be home. They walked around the exterior and then I was notified 
they would be here at a specific time. Jerry, one of guys who came, was wonderful! They completed the job and everything 
was beautiful. I would use them again and I have already recommended them to my neighbor! 
                                                                                                                ~ Vivian 3/6/2014 (Straight A's on Angie's List & Customer Survey)

Friendly, professional service provider, great price (why would I want to do it my self when they are professionals and reasonable!) 
and the windows look great. This company cleaned the windows at my office recently and offered an employee discount to any
employee that wanted to take advantage of their service.
                                                                                                               ~ Laura 2/27/2014 (Straight A's on Angie's List & Customer Survey)
Straight A's on Angie's List & Customer Survey                               ~ Tara  2/7/2014
Straight A's on Customer Survey                                                       ~ Howard 3/5/2014
Individual was a hard worker, very professional, courteous, and informative. He never stopped or took a break until completion. 
Good man!!!
                                                                                                                ~ Mike Michelson 3/1/2014 (Customer Survey...Straight A's)
I think your people do a fabulous job!!                                              ~ Maureen McAvoy 2/24/2014  (Customer Survey...Straight A's)
Joel (I believe) did an excellent job.                                                  ~ Mervyn  2/24/2014 (Email)

They did a very thorough and personable. Job well done.               ~ Katherine 2/19/2014 (Customer Survey...Straight A's)
All went well.  I'm amazed at how clean the windows are now - how did we ever see out before?
One person arrived to do the job; had all his own materials including water.  It took about 2 hours.  Excellent work.
                                                                                                                ~ Karen 12/19/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
Wow, Wow, Wow..  What a great experience to finally find a company that does a GREAT JOB!  We have three 8 foot sliding glass 
doors, 2 smaller sliders, 11 medium windows and a very large front window that consists of actually three windows in one and a 
double front door with a large half moon window over both doors. Nichole, one of the owners of the company showed up at 
the scheduled time.  It took her about 3 - 31/2 hours to complete the job.  Nichole took care removing the screens and returned all 
back in place.  She did a fantastic job.  She was polite and professional.  She even removed her shoes each and every time she came 
into the house.  Now our windows look wonderful, no streaking or residue left on them.  She worked at a steady pace and completed 
the job in a timely manner. She knew her job, got right to work and went non-stop until the job was finished.  The windows now 
look to be almost invisible.  Not only is the work thorough, but our windows look the best they have looked in the 9 years that we 
have lived in this house.

We have had many so called professional window cleaners in the past, but NONE of them accomplished the professional look 
that we now have on our windows.  My windows have never been cleaner!  This company is our NEW Window Cleaning Company.

                                                                                                                 ~Lawrence & Judith 11/6/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
They arrived right on time and got right to work! Several of the windows had baked-on residue from the reclaimed irrigation.  
They did an amazing job of getting them clean, working non-stop.  Every one of the windows now sparkle!  I'm sure we'll be 
seeing them again in April for a semi-annual cleaning.  Thanks, Nicole and Joel!
                                                                                                                 ~ Jurita 10/31/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
When I first called them to request services, the woman set us up with a time and date. They arrived on time and she also 
called to follow up on the work after it was complete. The work was very good. There were two young men who completed the 
work. They were very courteous, careful of our flowerbeds, and knew what they were doing. They cleaned up well after themselves. 
They did an excellent job with the windows and sliding glass door. We are very pleased with them and the work. We intend to 
follow up with them for future window cleanings as needed.
                                                                                                                 ~ Julia 9/23/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
The work was great! They arrived right on time for the appointment. I have even hired them a second time because I was so happy 
with them on the first visit.
                                                                                                                 ~ Suzanne 9/23/2013 (Angie's List Comment) 
We have used their services once a year over the past three or so years. They did a great job! They are very courteous. Once, they 
once missed a window. They immediately came back and corrected the situation. We are very, very pleased with them.
                                                                                                                 ~Dan 9/23/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
They did a great job. They were professional and communicated well. I would recommend this company.
                                                                                                                 ~ Dana 8/3/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
Excellent, Excellent! We had used this company earlier this year to clean our chandelier, Nicole did a wonderful job then, so called
her again when we needed our windows cleaned. We were very pleased!   She and her crew arrived on day of appointment, all of 
them were very professional and pleasant. They were very careful with doing the windows inside as well as outside.   Very careful 
as to where they placed their ladders and tools, while working indoors they removed their shoes and worked in white socks. The 
crew worked well together and treated everything with exceptional care.  Our windows  shine !!!    They performed exactly as 
they advertised!    It is very hard to find someone who does work as precise and with great care as they did.  We felt the price 
was reasonable, and plan to have them on a regular schedule. Believe it or not,  there are still people who give excellent 
customer service and high quality work as we discovered through them.   We would highly recommend them to others.   Charles 
was a member of the crew who also gave exceptional service and we thank him as well.  Again, Nicole , thank you for an outstanding 
                                                                                                                  ~Sharon 5/29/13 (Angie's List Comment)
I called and set up an appt. the week before. Charles was running a little late and had the courtesy to call and let me know he 
was on his way. He washed and squeegeed all windows and did a beautiful job. Will definitely use them again. Charles was great.
                                                                                                                  ~ Debra 5/7/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
Nicole hand cleaned our chandelier and did a beautiful job.    We will absolutely use her service for our next window cleaning.  She 
was prompt, very professional, very pleasant, very neat, and very careful with her expert cleaning. I cannot say enough about how 
very pleased we are. Overall it was an excellent experience!   Great quality work and very cheerful and pleasant personality along
with being very knowledgeable of the work to be done. We were very happy to have found her. Nicole, thank you for such superb 
                                                                                                                  ~ Sharon 3/30/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
She cleaned our windows both inside and outside.  She took down all of the cobwebs.  Everything was so clean when she was done. 
She was wonderful.  I would recommend her.  She brought a couple of young men with her and they were amazing.  I have windows
that I can’t reach and hadn’t cleaned for years.  They did a really great job for us.  They were recommended to us by Grimebusters.  
She was very nice and professional.
                                                                                                                   ~ Reuben 1/16/2013 (Angie's List Comment)
No Streaking emailed back the following day after inquiring about setting up an appt. We agreed on a day and time, and they arrived on time. They cleaned all my windows, inside and out, including taking off the screens and cleaning them as well. They were very thorough and professional and
friendly. I don't believe my windows had had a thorough cleaning in some years. The windows now sparkle and make my home feel very bright. I 
also had them clean my glass doors to my shower. They were SO laden with hard water spots, but they made them SO much better. No Streaking makes the whole appointment effortless. I plan to use them again, and would (and have) recommended them to friends and family.
                                                                                                                     ~ Nancy 5/4/2012 (Angie's List Comment)
My windows are amazing - I am so happy with the job done on April 11 - my house totally sparkles! Even after the stormy weather 
over the weekend, they still shine as if they'd just been done. Thank you for an excellent job and look forward to seeing you in six months.
                                      ~ Gloria 4/15/2013 (Email)
Cleaned windows inside and out in my 2 story house recieved an estimate via email as I had requested, by Nicole the owner, in a very timely 
manner with references and all pricing and info on her company. I scheduled an appointment and she arrived on time and did the work diligently
and cleanly. She needed to come in and out of my home and every time took off her shoes so as to be respectful of my house. The estimate was
for 3 hours, however it took 5 since their was unexpected issues with the windows. She was quite amenable and did not charge any extra. She 
went over and above my expectations. I will definately hire her again. 
                                                                                                                    ~ Leigh 9/4/2012 (Angie's List Comment)
Jerry and Charlie (I hope I remembered their names correctly!) did a really great job. I appreciated their attention to detail. They are not only skilled
at their work but have great interpersonal skills as well. People buy from people they like. You have 2 great guys here! See you in 6 months!
                                                       ~ Marilyn 4/9/2013 (Customer Survey)
Loved everything about the service. Only glitch was that when doing windows around the deck areas, shoes were dirty and left hard to remove
tennis shoe footprints. Other than that, the work was exceptional! (Because we work throughout landscaping, we do make it part of our service to go back
an sweep any mess we make. I apologize that this did not happen & will make sure to remind our staff that they need to double-check that the left the area as they found it. Thanks for the feedback. Sincerely, Nicole)
                                                  ~Cissy 5/3/2012 (Customer Survey)
I wanted to drop you a note and say how wonderful the windows look at my daughter’s home after they were cleaned by your company.  It truly 
makes the inside and outside of the house look brighter? Thank you again for a neat and complete job well done.  
                                  ~ Linda 5/2/2012 (Email)

They were extremely professional and conscientious of their work.  It is evident that quality is important to them.  Our windows look brand new 
with absolutely NO streaks.  We will definitely use them again.  We highly recommend them!
                                                                                                                    ~ Kari 4/23/2012 (Angie's List Comment)
"Hello Nicole,
I just wanted to let you know that your crew did an excellent job. Our windows didn't look this good when we brought our house brand new. They 
were efficient, respectful and cordial. I would (and will) recommend your service to anyone.  Thank you again for an excellent and pleasant 
                                                                                                                     ~ Doug & Angela 1/18/2012 (Email)
They were fabulous.  I could not be more pleased.  They were quite, respectful, and efficient.  I had one that was not cleaned to my expectations, 
they came back immediately cleaned the one and were on their way.  They had a fair price.  They didn’t bring a lot of big equipment, they were 
totally invisible.
                                                               ~ Dan 11/2/2011 (Angie's List Comment)
Their service was excellent.  They were meticulous.  They were very careful about the inside of our home making certain that they protected everything.  They also protected our plants outside.  We were impressed with their professionalism.  They were timely, always on time.  They had 
an appropriate number of people so they weren’t under staffed.  We will plan to continue to use them for our home.  It is a woman owned 
corporation and also veterans which made them appealing.  They were excellent with follow up; they stay in touch with their customers.

                                                                                                                     ~ Thomas 11/2/2011 (Angie's List Comment)

They had excellent service. They were prompt. They wore booties inside the house. They were very quick. They moved furniture to wash the 
windows appropriately. They have a follow up service they can put you on to get your windows done in the future. I have referred them out and I 
know one person imparticular was very satisfied as well. I got them on referral as well and they have no reason not to continue referring them.
                                                                      ~ William 3/14/2011 (Angie's List Comment) 
Just a word of thanks to your company and crew -- we were VERY pleased. They are so neat, clean and polite - not to mention the terrific job they 
did. They are cleaner than when we moved in!!
I have recommended your company to two people - one of my colleagues at XXXXXXXXX, Cxxxx Bxxxxxxx; and our neighbor down the street, 
Mxx Cxxxxx. I hope they will follow through and contract with your company.
Thank you so much! Please feel free to use our name as a reference any time."
                                                                                                                       ~ Gary & Susan  7/11/11 (Email)
"I have to tell you that your crew did an excellent job on our windows. They were so friendly and so professional, and the windows look amazing. 
We will definitely have you back again in 6 months. Thanks!"
                                                                                                                       ~ Marla  7/4/11 (Email)
They came out promptly, did a super job, better than we could ever do ourselves, were extremely reasonable. To say the least, they are one of the
most professional firms I have ever dealt with.
                             ~David 6/25/2010
"Ms Wylie,  what a wonderful job.  Chuck was prompt, professional and did an excellent job.  I would like to nominate you for a place on Angie's 
List if your interested.  Your ad is correct, we can hardly believe there is glass in the windows and these are windows that have not been properly cleaned for years.
We will use your service again. Thank you!"
                                                                                                                      ~ David 6/19/10 (Email)
"I have used other window cleaners on my other homes, but this was the first time I've used No Streaking. I will never use anyone else again! This 
was by far the cleanest I've ever seen any of my windows. I am going to refer you to all of my neighbors!"
                      ~ Carol 4/6/10 
"I wanted to thank you for such a wonderful window cleaning job you did on my home. You are both extremely professional, detailed and a 
pleasure to work with. I wish you much success in the future. I am recommending your services to everyone. Thank you."
                      ~ Jamie 7/31/09
"Thank-you so much for the great job on our windows! I've never seen them look so good. Please use me as a referral for your business."
                        ~Shirley 5/15/09
"Mahalo Nui Nicole and Toni, Your team did a great job on my windows."
                                                                                                                     ~ Aloha, Angel 1/09/09
"You really took the time to make sure the windows were done right. They look better than anything I could have expected."
                                                                                                                     ~ Kathy  11/04/08
"I wish to give a reference to Nicole and Toni. They are both very professional,competent,knowledgeable and personality plus. 
Their work is exceptional. We were very pleased and will certainly hire them again and also refer them to friends and neighbors."
                               ~ Ken & Pam 5/24/08

"I've used other companies before and they barely did anything compared to what you did. You really took your time and paid a lot of attention to detail. Our windows look absolutely amazing! If you ever need a reference please feel free to have them call me!"
                     ~ Terri 4/04/08
"I still can't believe how awesome my windows look! The job was very outstanding and worth every cent. Thanks a bunch! I'd be happy to be a reference for you!
                                                                                                                      ~ Katrina 10/08

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