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The Window Cleaning Industry tends to attract many non-professionals. This is because anyone can go to a home improvement store and buy a bucket, squeegee, and a bottle of dish soap. Many of you may have hired one of these people before and may not have had a great experience. No Streaking is setting the standard in the Window Cleaning Industry. We want people to feel comfortable knowing that they have hired a professional to come into their home. With No Streaking, you get more than just clean windows...you get peace of mind.
 - No Streaking is a licensed business in Florida. Did you know that as a consumer it is illegal to hire an unlicensed business to perform work on your home, even if you didn't know they were not legal? The fine is $5,000 plus the homeowner is responsible for all damage and injuries that occur on the job site. Only 7 of the first 75 listings on Google for window cleaners in Hillsborough County actually show as registered businesses in the State of Florida. (Sunbiz.org, 2012)
- No Streaking is bonded & PROPERLY insured. As of 2011, due to the inherit risk of the job, window cleaning now has it's own code for General Liability and Workers' Compensation. A company that only obtains "Janitorial" insurance, which is significantly cheaper, is not covered for window cleaning. Any damage to property or injuries that happen on the job site will be the responsibility of the homeowner. No Streaking gives you the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens, we will take care of it. Only 2 of the above 7 companies were able to provide proof of proper insurances.
- No Streaking understands what is important to you. Like many of the things discussed above, No Streaking knows what is important to our customers. One of the most important things is time. Maybe you chose not to do your own windows because of the risk, maybe because they never come out as good as you want them, or maybe it's just because you would rather spend your time doing other things. No Streaking values your time as well, so we always try to minimize the amount of time that we spend at your home. The majority of the homes we do are completed in 4 hours or less. We generally work in teams of 2 to get the job done faster. Whether you have other projects to do at home, you work from home, want to spend more time with your kids, or even run some errands, our customers feel so comfortable with us in their home, they can use the time they are saving from washing their own windows, to do whatever they want! 
- No Streaking uses professional tools & solutions. We purchase the top of the line tools and solutions so that we can complete your window cleaning efficiently, and safely. Many of the cheap squeegees on the market have sharp edges and thin rubber. This leads to scratching of your frames and of your glass. Our solution is bio-friendly & repels dust, dirt, pollen & rain for 4 to 6 months*. Ask any of our customers...there IS a difference! Companies using plain ol' dish soap will keep your windows clean for 2-3 months. Ladder stand-offs & covers are always used for the safety of our employees and to protect your home from damage.
- No Streaking is competitively priced. We know we may not be the cheapest in town, but we are not the most expensive either. No Streaking has our prices structured right at the industry average.We use worksheets that ensure that every customer is being priced fairly. We do not walk up to a mansion and bump up the price, just because they can afford it. We also don't believe that people should pay less because they can negotiate better. How would you feel if you were paying more than your neighbor and you had a smaller home? It's not fair to our other customers. Our loyal customers (over 1000 of them), are rewarded for their loyalty. Residential customers who have service Semi-Annually, Quarterly, or more, will save 10% up to $25 on EACH service. Also, customers who have service at least once a year will be locked into their price for life! We also offer a rewards program so that customers can earn credits on their future cleanings. Did we mention that tracks, frames, sills, and garage door windows are all done as a courtesy?!
- No Streaking employees are professionals. First and most importantly, No Streaking only hires people who can legally work in the United States and have completed & passed a full criminal background check. We do not hire someone unless we feel comfortable having them in our home as well as yours. No Streaking has a zero tolerance drug policy in place as well. Our employees are trained for 30 days just to be an assistant. They will work with a supervisor on all residential window cleanings until such time that they are promoted to Supervisor. We always remove our shoes or use booties in your home. When all is said and done, we will leave your home exactly how we found it....except with clean windows!
- No Streaking employees always put safety first. There are many hazards to cleaning windows. Most people only think of ladders & roofs, but we also work around electrical wires, poisonous spiders & snakes, and in extreme heat sometimes. Our employees receive on-going training in regards to safety on the job site and know that safety always comes before anything. No Streaking only allows our Supervisors to do our 2nd & 3rd story work, so rest assured you will have someone with experience taking care of your home. All jobs are done to OSHA standards. 
-No Streaking guarantees our work. Although we always try to get it right the first time, occasionally, the sun will hide a streak from our view. No worries...if you had a full residential window cleaning and you spot a streak within 2 weeks of your cleaning, feel free to give us a call. We will come back and take care of it.
- No Streaking also guarantees our price. We provide you with a written estimate and we will stand by that estimate as long as you don't add on extra work, or there is glass that is impossible to see from walking the perimeter. We avoid ball parking over the phone so that we can give you and accurate figure so that you can budget your time and money accordingly.
- No Streaking doesn't take short-cuts. Many companies out there have gone to water-fed pole systems. These systems are a great tool for high commercial business that is being done frequently. It does not do so well for residential. First, the filters are very expensive, and most window cleaners do not change them as frequently as they should. In Florida, the level of hard water is off the chart, which means they should be changed even more frequently. If not, then they are simply hosing down your windows with hard water and letting all those minerals sit on your glass. Secondly, they are not scraping any debris off of your windows. Sap, paint, bugs, etc. all leave debris on your window. If not entirely removed, it leaves behind small particles that give other dirt particles something to grab on to...meaning your windows will be dirty again in no time. Do you really want to pay to have clean windows for only a month or two? No Streaking does not take short cuts. We get right up on the glass to get the best, lasting, results.
- When you hire No Streaking, you are supporting more than one person. No Streaking is proud that we have been able to continue to create jobs in this economy. When you hire No Streaking, you are giving work to the crew that comes out to clean your windows, our Management Team that keeps the business running smoothly, as well as the owners of the company...all local. Since we are a legitimate business, we hire a local accountant and payroll company, do local advertising, and of course we are all paying our fair share of taxes. You help us continue to support the local economy. When you hire Don from "Don's window cleaning", you are only supporting Don.




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